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Nature is Our Teacher

As we begin to transition into the season of fall, you may begin to notice the surroundings changing all around you. Trees that were once full begin to shed their leaves and vibrant colors begin to color the landscape all around you. The warm days of summer begin to fade into cool and brisk mornings. It happens so quickly as it feels like just yesterday, you were hiking outside or even swimming in a nearby lake or body of water. This time is a reminder to reflect, a moment to step back from the hustle and bustle of summer. This is a paramount time to set new routines, routines that support your well-being. Some things to consider:

🏞️ Your morning routine sets the tone for the rest of the day. Does your current routine support you? Consider a walk or active yoga practice to invigorate you for the rest of the day. If movement is not for you first thing in the morning, consider finding a comfortable position to either observe nature, sip your coffee, or practice a simple belly breathing exercise. The small things we do before we start the day, can create the harmony for the rest of the day.

🏞️ Find time during the day to pause. We tend to hover over our to-do lists and never really have time to breath. This is a great time to connect and ground yourself. This might be feeling your chair beneath you and noticing the connection to the ground beneath your feet. Then naturally pause and feel your breath moving in and out. Just know that in this moment, the earth is always underneath you and supporting you.

🏞️ Feeling anxious, using your fingers gentle massage your face, neck, and your scalp. The warm touch of your hands will help anxiety and release tension. Using either light pressure or slightly more can really help melt that tension away. Another effective thing to do is rub your hands together to get some heat. This is called palming in ayurveda. Then place your hand in front of your face. Feel the touch of the hands on the face and take a deep slow soothing breath in. This is a perfect way to pause.

🏞️Take time to wind down at night. Phone and television do not usually help us get prepared for sleep. Go into your bedroom or find a nice quiet space with a good book. This is not a time to begin new projects or do strenuous exercises. Some gentle rocking movement within your body could be a great way to settle and get ready to sleep. Try even a breathing practice, belly breathing. Lie on your back on either your bed or on the floor and begin by sensing into your breath. For a few rounds, just let the breath be easy and slow. Then gently encourage the breath to expand your belly like a balloon. Then slowly and gradually deflate that balloon. Do this several times encouraging the breath to slow down and to deepen.

Linda Kobus

Yoga Therapist


An Integrative Approach to Health and Healing

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