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Linda is an 800 hour professional Yoga Therapist. Having studied at Kripalu Yoga and Health, she studied over 1,000 hours in yoga philosophy, mental health, ayurveda, anatomy and physiology, and spirituality. This modality is an alternative form of healing where the therapist uses the applications of yoga and meditation to create evidence-based practices, working within the body to create ever lasting change.

With a nurturing style and a warming, calm demeanor, Linda creates a healing space for you to explore your inner-landscape.  She uses a combination of breathing practices, postures, movements, and a variety of meditations to slow down a busy mind.  Linda realizes meditation is not a one-size fits all approach and will work with you closely to find a tool or technique which resonates.

Linda has much experience working with clients with anxiety disorders, PTSD, and depression.  With her soothing voice and gentle approach, clients have felt supported and encouraged to try new techniques to calm their nervous system.

With a Masters in Science from Binghamton University in teaching and a Bachelors in Science in Biology, Linda is excited to help empower others to tap into well-being.  She has held numerous workshops on topics such as Stress Relief, Heart Space Yoga and has held retreats.  She teaches at Binghamton Yoga in Endicott twice a week on Sundays and Mondays.  In addition to teaching at the studio, Linda has taught for many years in many modalities including college level courses. She enjoys working out, spending time with her two boys, and hiking.

Linda’s approach is a combination of both science and spirituality.  Having an immense scientific background, she aims to bring science and spirituality together.  In fact, the more she studies the human body, the more she is convinced that life was no accident. The intricate workings of the human body and their complexity points to the intelligence of the universe.  

She is booking private therapeutic clients for 90 minute private sessions, where the client and yoga therapist develop session goals.  After individualized goals are set, the client is welcomed into a session to work on those goals, learning techniques to support them in their daily life.  Anyone can do yoga and this practice is powerful for anyone. Linda will use a combination of props to ensure this practice is accessible for all.  

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